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  13. https://dood.yt/d/r162xli62xuc Description: Alex Mack is hanging out at his parent's house when there's a knock at the front door. He looks perplexed- who could it be? When he opens the front door he is greeted by Chantal Danielle, who looks at him expectantly. Alex is even more puzzled. 'Can I... help you?' he asks.It turns out that Chantal is his step-cousin, and this is the first time the two of them have ever met. But Chantal isn't one for small talk. She bursts into the house like she owns it and declares that she's going to go take a nap upstairs.Alex is bewildered, but when he joins her in his parent's bedroom to chat, he discovers that Chantal isn't tired at all. In fact, she's interested in a little hanky panky. After all, they have SO MUCH catching up to do...
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