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  1. How to add Thumbnail on Topics Step-1 1st open image hosting website we prefer for you https://videmedia.xyz/ https://prnt.sc/rwd5nz Step-2 Select images file then click on Upload/Download as per ur website https://prnt.sc/rwd5z9 Step-3 Copied a BBCode Links and codes for all images to insert on the forum https://prnt.sc/rwd78q Step-4 Paste BBcode first before download links then click on Submit Topic (Note: If u write anything before image your cover photo will not be visible) https://prnt.sc/rwtl9q Final Step-5 It's Done. Preview of your image as a thumbnail. https://prnt.sc/rwtm6y
  2. How to Make Pics on Zip File Step-1 Install/Download Winrar on your computer you can download winrar via rarlab.org Step-2 Copy all pictures in one folder then Select a Folder then Click on Add to Archive https://prnt.sc/rwcwh4 Step-3 Choose Zip Option then Select OK https://prnt.sc/rwcxrr Step-4 Zip file will be created https://prnt.sc/rwcyrq Final Step-5 You can upload that zip file on fileshost https://www.file-upload.com/ https://drop.download/ https://streamtape.com Note: Watermarked on Pictures Other Sites Not Allowed.
  3. How to Post Videos or Pictures Step-1 Select create new content or start new topic in section https://prnt.sc/KkFnBBbLTJQ7 Step-2 Select Topic https://prnt.sc/u4vGgho-EKzG Step-3 Select a forum where do u like to do share your content https://prnt.sc/PKMtd_wCvNZS Step-4 Write a video or picture title on "Title box" choose tags or u can create by urself then add thumbnail of videos or pictures atleast 3 or 5 then paste a download link after that click on on Submit Topic. https://prnt.sc/5R5QI4pMKHR1 Final Step-5 It's all done here is a preview of ur content u posted. https://prnt.sc/ji33s59vusAV Note: Watermarked on Videos & Pictures Other Sites Not Allowed.
  4. https://mixloads.com/20q23dfjdm5y https://www.file-upload.com/2a1keog5wfwb https://drop.download/wu73i3j4riko https://vidoza.net/3whaj6lm8366.html https://streamtape.com/v/vL9ob2Ozr1h4zyj/Beautiful_Paki_Wife_Showing(Frozen).mp4
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